Quilt Show

Quilt Show

The QGI Quilt Show is a biennial event that happens in the fall of odd numbered years.

2017 Indianapolis Quilt Show: October 20-21, 2017 Westfield Middle School: 345 W Hoover St,  Westfield, IN


The theme of the 2017 Quilt Show largely reflects  “The Circle of Life”  for most quilters (borrowing from Elton John and The Lion King).  If you have ever attended a quilting retreat you have seen this theme in action–dozens of quilters enjoying each other’s company while creating quilts, an overflowing table of “treats” to share, and comfy beds for rest before they joyfully begin it all again the next day.

Alan Shephard by Williams
Alan Shephard by Williams


The 2017 Show will be expanding to 30,000 sf of space at the Westfield Middle School, Westfield, IN.  One of the new features will be a special exhibit curated by Susanne Miller Jones titled “Fly Me To The Moon.”  Artists from eight countries have created art quilts celebrating Man’s First Walk on the Moon.  This multifaceted collection includes quilts that commemorate the iconic images from the news; recall personal memories of July 20, 1969; honor all of the Apollo Missions; recognize all of the Apollo Astronauts; investigate scientific moon images, examine Nasa’s cool tools; explain myths associated with the moon; define moon idioms; replay the music inspired by the moon; and visit pop culture icons.  The exhibit’s 179 art quilts tell the story of our fascination with the moon.  This exhibit has something for everyone and our Indianapolis Quilt Show will be one of only a few places nationwide to exhibit the entire collection.

Godspeed July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 (Currier)
Godspeed July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 (Currier)


Featured Quilter: The Show Committee announced that Mary Strinka will be the “Featured Quilter” at the 2017 Show.  We want to recognize Mary’s original and exceptional creations as a quilter and fiber artist, her generous contributions in time and talent to our guild, and her kind, inclusive spirit toward all who join the quilting family.

2017 Opportunity Quiltoptyquilt6220web
“Frost In The Air II”
Our show quilt is a “one of a kind” creation one lucky person will get to take home in
November 2017. The original 2014 pattern by Amy Krasnansky was a 37”x 37” wall
hanging. With permission from Amy and Quilter’s World Magazine, Maureen Weflen
adapted it to an 85” x 85” quilt using EQ7 software.
Through heroic efforts by Tommi Derado, who pieced the 3,360 pieces in the quilt top in
just 2 weeks (sewing 168 hours); and Kathy Yull, who spent 60 hours quilting every
piece of fabric in the top, our guild has a beautiful quilt to exhibit and sell tickets to raise
monies for our charity projects. We have already been invited to exhibit it next March at
the Indiana State Heritage Quilt Show in Bloomington, IN.
Ticket sales will begin in early 2017.

Please check future newsletters and our website (www.quiltguildindy.net) for new/updated information about the show as we move into 2017. Your quilt show committee is working hard to make the 2017 show a very memorable one.


Maureen Weflen

Melissa Snyder

Quilt Show Co-chairs

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