Pat Knoechel visits QGIN and OTLB

Members at QGIN enjoying Pat Knoechel’s program at the July meeting.

The guest speaker at both the North and South meeting this month was Pat Knoechel, Eleanor Burns’ sister. She came bearing Eleanor’s latest patterns and book. Pat travels the country showing quilts she made for the book and patterns.

If you have never heard Eleanor speak, you have been missing out. I was in Paducah this year with The Boatyard Babes and went along with them to see her presentation. It was so much fun and she is hilarious. Pat is entertaining as well, but without the well practiced shtick. She comes most years in July to do the two QGI day meetings. So if you haven’t seen her presentation, you can probably catch it another year for an enjoyable time.

The Quilt in a Day website has lots of information and videos that can be seen for free here.

The webinar series on the 2014 mystery quilt that Pat made and brought can be found here.  (feathered star all star quilt in picture below)

So, even if you couldn’t make it to either day meeting or to A Quilt in a Day, there is lots to be seen at the website.


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