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Tommi Derado and Di Richards hold up the back side of an Army quilt by Kathy Shain. Huah!

Quilts of Valor is a wonderful organization of quilters who honor veterans through patriotic quilts. Diana (Di) Richards spoke at the July 9th General Meeting sharing her Quilts of Valor story. She is the Indiana Quilts of Valor Director.

We heard many touching stories. I don’t know about anyone else, but my eyes did not stay dry throughout the program. I am married to a veteran who served in combat. It is still very fresh for us. He just retired 6 years ago when we moved here. His unit was deployed to Iraq and I was at home leading over 400 families in Alaska where many people get depressed from the lack of sun. It was a very trying time. I received phone calls at all hours from Iraq, Alaska, and the lower 48.  I had many lifelike nightmares that my doorbell was ringing with that dreaded notification team at my door.  I received training on all types of situations, but nothing can truly train you for the things soldiers and families face. I had countless moments worrying about having to go to a wife in her loss.  I spent time with a wife as she grieved and opened a just returned trunk of her husband’s things after notification.  I have been with wounded soldiers in their hospital rooms when they received quilts and medals. I can tell you there is such genuine gratitude when they receive them. There is nothing else like shedding tears with the strongest men in the world.

Di wanted to be sure people understood that anyone can make quilts to donate to Quilts of Valor. You do not need to join QOV to donate quilts. There is now a membership fee so that anyone raising money for QOV needs to be a member and be accountable for the fundraising to QOV who in turn is accountable to the IRS.

Di requests 5’x7’ quilts for a better fit to all people. There is a big need of quilts right now and the wait can be a year for a quilt. So please add a QOV to your project list! There is also a need for people to present quilts. Please contact Di If you are interested in volunteering to help. Kathryn Wooldridge and Chris Hurley are our guild QOV contacts and you can find more information on the charity page of our website.QOV9702ElizMeekCHweb

We were able to witness an abridged version of a presentation when Chris Hurley presented a QOV to QGI member and veteran, Elizabeth Meek. Thank you for your service, Chris and Elizabeth! I know there are other QGI members who are also veterans. Thank you for your service!

Quilts by members who finished or almost finished quilts were shown.  Thanks to all who donated quilts made with love to warm veterans!

July 10 – OQV sew day on Friday 10-3 members will be gathering and completing QOV at the Knights of Columbus – Pitch in for lunch

July 11 – QOV sew day on Saturday, 10-3 members will be gathering and completing OQV at Orchard Park Presbyterian Church – Pitch in for lunch



QOV9708EMeekCHurleyWebI’m truly grateful for those who sacrifice for my and my children’s freedom and every QOV that our guild donates warms my heart. ~Barbara Triscari

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