QGI Outreach at the Indiana State Museum

ISM9046TardisIntQGI members donate their time to demonstrate and interact with museum visitors to the Indiana State Museum. I spent a few hours there a couple of weeks ago. I enjoy talking casually with museum goers about quilting. I spent an enjoyable time with fellow QGI member Rhonda Bieda as we chatted, quilted, and talked with visitors. We saw preschool and summer camp kids, families, and out of state travelers visiting Indy. We enjoyed sharing our city and our love of quilting with the public.

We cringed at the woman who said to her class, “Look at the blankets!” But that is where we can help to educate the public about what a quilt is and discuss the variety of quilts both on display and being made by QGI members.

Rhonda worked on a lovely pumpkin fused applique top while I did hand work of beading and embroidery. Together we showed many aspects of quilting to the public and enjoyed getting to know each other a little better.

I then returned later in the week to demo with my daughter who is a very infrequent quilter. She wanted to come and work on one of her two current projects. The first is a rust drawn emu from a photograph she took of an emu for a 4H photography project and the second is a lighted Dr. Who Tardis quilt. She loved the projects I made at QGI’s Cheryl Sleboda workshop this year. As I knew she would, she wanted to trade the artist trading card I made in the workshop the second she saw it. But, what sent her over the edge was seeing a tardis ATC with a working light on Cheryl’s Facebook page. She knew she had to make a tardis quilt! So I got out my fabric paints and gave her tips on painting the vortex background the day before the demo. She worked on the tardis while at the museum. Unfortunately we did not have many visitors that day and most of them were not very chatty. But we had fun and then spent the rest of the afternoon out on the canal since we had free parking and admission to the museum for our volunteer time.

The 19 Stars exhibit is wonderful and can be seen for free after your demo time. The staff is very attentive in helping to get things to and from your car and making sure you have everything you need. The man removing decorative lights from a wedding even came and angled a light onto the table for better handwork when asked so I could see my handwork better.  The exhibit closes October 3, 2015.

~Barbara Triscari

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