Quilt Appraisals at the Quilt Show

EDIT: Caryl Schuetz has retired (congratulations, Caryl!) so she is no longer doing appraisal services.  This is remaining for general information about what you might expect for an appraisal.

So you want to have your quilt appraised after reading Claudia’s post?  Here is how to do it during the show, or later on with certified appraiser, Caryl Schuetz, a QGI member.  Two of Caryl’s quilts are hanging at the Indiana State Museum’s 19 Stars Exhibit, so I used them to pretty up this post! ISM19Stars8678CSchuetzInt


Caryl Schuetz, quilt appraiser certified by the American Quilter’s Society since 1997, will be appraising quilts at QGI’s Show on Saturday, October 24th, during Show hours. For $50, you will have a professionally written document for each quilt appraised. $50 is the Show fee ($5 from this is donated to QGI); regularly an appraisal is $55.

Appraisals will be done on quilts hanging in the Show and of quilts brought in by appointment for appraisal. Each quilt examination is thirty minutes. The written appraisal will be mailed within one month.

Why Have an Appraisal?

  • To establish a replacement value for insurance purposes before a loss such as fire, flood, damage, or theft occurs.
  • To meet your insurance company’s requirements for a “Fine Arts Floater.”
  • To be assured that your quilt has adequate insurance coverage while at a textile competition or exhibit.
  • To provide a written record for your family.
  • To determine fair market value for sale of the quilt.
  • To determine value for donation, gift, or estate purposes.
  • Often a quilt maker gives an appraisal with the gift of a quilt, so that the recipient realizes the value of the quilt.


Contact Caryl at her website, by calling, or emailing (contact information is in the membership roster) for an appointment. You do not need to be present for an appraisal of a hanging quilt.




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