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A lovely little girl joined in our charity workday.  Her mom blogged about it here.  The family is traveling the world and engaging with the communities they visit.  The blog is 100 ways to change the world, and quilting with us for charity was their number 58.  It is a lovely story and I hope the little girl gets the chance to become a full fledged quilter some day.  Thanks Mary for bringing it to our attention on Facebook.  Thanks to all the quilters who donate their time throughout the year to provide comfort to others through quilting.



I didn’t want to use one of the pictures from the blog without permission, so there is a lovely unrelated quilt for us to enjoy.  If you know of someone who took pictures that day, have them send me a picture and I’ll post it here.

The quilt is from the 19 Stars exhibit at the Indiana State Museum that just closed but is headed to Evansville.  It is Back Porch Stars by Kaye England.  Quilted by Cathy Franks


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