Year of Color at QGIN

QGIN is celebrating color with color themes each month in QGIN’s Year of Color!  If you haven’t been this year, it is time to get over to the north side and check it out.  Lynn and Shari make such a great team, so you know it is going to be a good time.  They started out the year with a great program on color, how the eye perceives color, color theory, and so much more all about color!
Each month there is a new color and color scheme.  They started out with the primary colors: red, blue, and yellow, and now are moving into the secondary colors: green, purple, and orange.   The color of the month can be worn by attending members.  Red and blue were easy for most of us and most people wore them.  Yellow was not as easily found in everyone’s wardrobes.
Most quilters love show and tell, so what is not to love about an extra show and tell each month as people bring in quilts in the color of the month and the month’s color scheme.
We received a colored folder with information about color, a color wheel, and more. Each month attendees receive a swatch of fabric in the color of the month for cutting into the right shape for making adding onto the color wheel.  To finish off the color theme, Nancy Jo reads us a poem on the color of the month from a book about color.
Time to go dig out some green!  Where did I put that shirt I wore for St. Patrick’s Day?

No Fooling’….QGIN April Meeting

QGIN meets this Friday April 1, aka April Fools Day, at Orchard Park Presyterian Church, 1605 E. 106th Street, from 1-3 pm.  QGI’s very own Carol Henke will present Enhancing Quilts.  Carol has won numerous awards at our QGI quilt shows using her special and creative techniques.  Carol won a first place in Mixed Technique,home machine quilted; a first place in Special Techniques and a second place in Other – Quilted.  Now she will share her talents with us!  Only a FOOL would miss this opportunity! 😉 

Our color for April is 
GREEN, in honor of the GREENING of the grass and the sure hope of spring.  Everyone is encouraged to wear GREEN to the meeting. 
In addition to our regular Show and Tell, April’s special show and tell is Split Complement Quilts – one color and the colors that lie on either side of the first color’s direct complement.   Look at your color wheel, then look at your quilts! Bring in anything that fits the description, or you think fits the description.  In addition, the color of the month quilts are also welcome, so bring your GREEN quilts too!  

We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday!! 
– Lynn Thomas & Shari Harrison

 Color Theory on the web:

Have a favorite color resource you want to share?  Leave a comment below!

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