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QGI members, quilters, and park goers walking to and from the show along the park path.
QGI members, quilters, and park goers walking to and from the show along the park path on a beautiful July afternoon.

The Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild had a lovely show at Broadripple Park Sunday July 7th.  It was nice to see the wonderful quilts they are producing.  They did an exhibit a few years ago outside on Mass Ave along the cultural trail.  Both venues were nice settings for shows.  The park was bustling with quilters and park goers who enjoyed seeing the quilts.

A strikingly designed quilt draws people to the pavilion to see the modern quilts.

There were holes along the roof line of a shelter that they were able to utilize to put rope through to hang the quilts along the perimeter and then had more quilts displayed on the picnic tables under the shelter.

A QGI member and her daughter enjoy the quilts in the pavilion.

It was also nice to see several QGI members there supporting the modern guild.  I was there about an hour looking and chatting with members of both guilds.  I’m sure many more QGIers came in the other two hours of the show.  We do have some members that belong to both guilds and many of our member enjoy making quilts in the modern aesthetic.  The show did not disappoint!

Well done, IMQG!

If you would like to see more photos, I posted individual quilt photos of most of the quilts on the perimeter of the shelter on my blog:

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