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An important part of the Quilers Guild of Indianapolis’ outreach to the community is our website.  Having informative and interesting information on our website benefits our membership and our community; both locally and in the larger quilting world.  The guild needs help keeping up the website and writing blogs.  Right now we only have a couple of people who have stepped forward to keep up our website over the last 5 years.  We need more people who can be a knowledge base and can help take turns keeping it vibrant and interesting.  Web design and upkeep can be expensive to have a professional do it for us and then we loose the ease of control and updating.  There could easily be dozens of members who could learn how to do it and help to keep people from getting into the position and then getting stuck there and thus, also ensuring that we have a knowledge base to keep the control to easily update and maintain the content for our membership.

We use wordpress which is an easy format to use.  There is a dashboard that breaks the website and tasks down to easy manageable tabs that you can navigate and change.  If you can use email, word processing programs, or other software, you can blog and maintain a website!  Seriously!  It is not very involved and does not require programming or code.  WordPress has templates and a control panel that translate what you want into code for you.

Wordpress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

I am happy to meet one on one or in a group to teach you how to do it and will happily accept any amount of contribution and learning you want to take on.  I am going to start a technology bee where you can bring your tech you want help with and that would be a great place to take a peek at what the dashboard and process is like without having to feel any commitment.  So watch here for some more details.  I will not pressure you to take over:  but provide the chance to learn!

If you don’t want to learn the technical side, you can write a blog and send it to me in an email or a wordprocessing file and I can post it for you.  Your contributions of time can benefit many and save us a lot of money.  So consider getting involved with the website and together we can keep information flowing and provide a resource for our guild.

While the website is a technical job that scares people, many other jobs within the guild are left to the same few people year after year and do not require any technical knowledge.  We are in constant need for volunteers to help run our organization.  So if you are not a regular volunteer, or have never had a position, I urge you to think of a position you can do instead of just reaping the benefits of those who are stepping up.  the more of us who volunteer, the better the guild works.

Possible blog ideas: guild highlights from meetings, more in depth informational articles on quilt topics, favorite techniques, tutorials, quilt related travel adventures, quilt history, quilt collections, quilt events, etc.  Anything quilt related!  If it is interesting to you, it will be interesting to others.

Please leave a message below or on any page (they don’t show up on the page, but I get an email) if you have an interest in learning about and helping keep our website interesting!  You can email me or call me or pull me aside at a meeting.  I’d love to hear from you and promise it is easy and stress free.

Featured image is a detail of a quilt by member Lynn Thomas.

Barbara Triscari

Website Chair

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  1. Mary Strinka
    August 19, 2017

    count me in! The technology bee sounds like a great idea!

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