The Quilters Guild of Indianapolis, Inc. is a non-profit organization open to anyone interested in quilts or quilting. We offer a wide variety of guild activities throughout the year, including workshops with nationally recognized speakers, charity projects, smaller “quilting bee” groups, a retreat, and our bi-annual quilt show.

Meetings are held monthly in three different locations and at three different times, giving members and guests an opportunity to attend any one, or all three.  Our yearly dues are only $30.

The evening meeting is our General Meeting and large group gathering, where we feature programs by nationally known quilters who also offer workshops.

Two daytime meetings are held for smaller groups which each has its own speakers and programs:

QGI North is held on the north side

The QGI South is held on the south side.

Retreats: We offer spring and fall retreats.

Charity: There are many charity opportunities throughout the year.

Quilt Bees are a great way to get to know a small group of quilters and are very active.

The QGI Board is a great way to get involved and to support the guild.

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