October 5, 2015 / Charity

A lovely little girl joined in our charity workday.  Her mom blogged about it here.  The family is traveling the world and engaging with the communities they visit.  The blog is 100 ways to change the world, and quilting with us for charity was their number 58.  It is a…

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October 3, 2015 / Uncategorized
September 22, 2015 / QGI Quilt Show

EDIT: Caryl Schuetz has retired (congratulations, Caryl!) so she is no longer doing appraisal services.  This is remaining for general information about what you might expect for an appraisal. So you want to have your quilt appraised after reading Claudia’s post?  Here is how to do it during the show,…

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September 14, 2015 / QGI Quilt Show

Have you ever had a quilt appraised before? Perhaps you’ve had the thought to do it but never gone through with it. It’s really an easy and relatively inexpensive way to perhaps protect at least a part of that beautiful work of art you spent so much time making. I…

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July 6, 2015 / OTLB

The guest speaker at both the North and South meeting this month was Pat Knoechel, Eleanor Burns’ sister. She came bearing Eleanor’s latest patterns and book. Pat travels the country showing quilts she made for the book and patterns. If you have never heard Eleanor speak, you have been missing…

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June 25, 2015 / Out and About

I joined some QGI members and other quilters at the Indiana State Museum on Saturday June 20th for a day learning about quilt conservation. We discussed cleaning, storage and repairs. We were each given a piece of an antique crazy quilt to practice repairing. We learned about the tools, procedures,…

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